Dysplastic megakaryocytes, blast cells and increased proerythroblasts in RAEB
From Abbas Hashim Abdulsalam, Nafila Sabeeh and Luay Al-Hafidh,  Al-yarmouk Teaching Hospital, Laboratory, Baghdad.
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Trephine biopsy section from a 66-year-old female with history of refractory anaemia for more than 1 year. No organomegaly. Her haematological indices were: Hb 51 g/l, Hct 0.15 l/l, RBC 1.3 x1012/l, MCV 115 fl, MCH 38 pg, MCHC 333  g/l, RDW 19.9%, WBC 4.8 x109/l, platelet count 649 x109/l and a bone marrow aspirate showed 13% blast cells. Karyotyping showed 7q-. It can be difficult to distinguish between myeloblasts and proerythroblasts in sections. Proerythroblasts have more cytoplasmic basophilia, finely stippled chromatin and sometimes linear nucleoli.
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